Teach for China

About the Fellowship

After applying to Teach For China, you will undergo a rigorous selection process including a full-day intensive interview. Applicants who meet our selections bar will receive offers to join the Fellowship.

You will arrive in China in July to attend our Summer Institute. Institute provides the critical foundation of teaching skills and cultural context that you will need to succeed with your students over the next two years.

After Institute, you will be placed with a team of Teach For China Fellows in a high-needs school in one of our placement regions. Throughout the two-year Fellowship, you will work with a Teach For China Program Manager who will help you design lesson plans, monitor your classroom performance, and track student achievement. You will also take part in regular Professional Development Conferences with our Training and Support team to build leadership and teaching skills that will contribute to your success with students and your development as a leader.

While Fellows serve in the classroom for two years, we believe that your involvement in Teach For China’s mission will be life-long. As an alum, you will join a network of leaders from China and the US with the shared experience and conviction gained from transforming your students’ lives. Teach For China will work with you to build leadership skills and unlock further career and educational opportunities, allowing your impact on educational inequity in China to continue after you leave the classroom.