Teach for China

Alumni Leadership

Teach For China is all about leadership – first, to lead your students to success, and then to effect long-term change as a member of our alumni movement. Creating transformational impact for students is an incredible challenge. To succeed, you will need to assume true leadership in your class, school, and then throughout your career. 

We are building a movement of alumni who, as leaders across many professional sectors, will continue to work to expand educational opportunity throughout their careers. We support Fellows’ professional development into impactful leaders in a number of ways, including:

Leadership Accelerator

  • Help Fellows build leadership mindsets and skills through training sessions, reflections, and experience (e.g., extracurricular activities, teaching and working)
  • Motivate Fellows to extend their leadership beyond classroom

Career Development Advisor

  • Expose Fellows to different sectors and professions (e.g., webinar series, networking events)
  • Assist Fellows to develop clear career paths and goals (e.g., mentorship, reflection sessions)
  • Facilitate Fellows to make transitions to their future careers (e.g., resume and interview workshops, partnerships with employers)

Advanced Study Facilitator

  • Provide information on different graduate programs (e.g., webinar series)
  • Offer info sessions on general graduate school application and test preparation
  • Collaborate with domestic and international graduate schools to facilitate Fellow applications (e.g., deferral, application waiver, scholarship)

After their two years of teaching, our Fellows enter a wide range of professions, such as consulting, research, journalism, academia, and the nonprofit industry. With nearly 60 alumni in both the US and China, we are already seeing how these individuals are using their leadership skills to continue fighting China’s achievement gap. One exciting example is of 2010 alumni Andrew Shirman and John Kuo, who are now working to start their own nonprofit called Education In Sight. This program, started as a project during their Teach For China Fellowship, aims to provide underprivileged American and Chinese students with poor vision glasses they need to see clearly in class.

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For more information about opportunities after your Teach For China Fellowship, please contact us at alumni.impact@tfchina.org.